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MLP is a lottery game of 100 numbers. MLP uniquely has an edge over others. This is both exciting and persuasive for a player. MLP keeps a player motivated, encouraged and looking forward to a win-win situation. Player can strategically make combinations leading to better possibilities of winning! MLP offers a minimum guaranteed returns subjected to respective terms and conditions. Enjoy playing MLP!

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MLP is loaded with features to help its Players to control the bids!


Player can replan and change the chosen NUMBER and the POINTS at stake before the respective Drawevent.


MLP’S Unique Two Wallet System shields the player from playing irresponsibly.

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There is ceiling to the amount that can be deposited.

Unique Two Wallet

Two wallets for easy track of transactions.


No Hassles!
In case an event is abandoned the POINTS at stake are returned automatically.


The win amount are automatically credited in the Player’s account

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THEDRAWZONE declares a random number every hour as its result. The gaming applications subscribed to it get the outcome in their website/application for the subscribed Drawevents.

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frequently asked questions

Betmacan believes in transparency. Know all about MLP to make informed decisions.

What is a draw event in MLP?

The occurrence of the online draw of the number at a particular time daily is termed as a Draw Event. There are mutiple Draw Events packed for a day. Each Draw Event has a unique name like Emerald, Ruby, Fortune and Ice.

What are RP and PP?

RP stands for Reserve Points. All the points won in a Draw Event are credited in the RP wallet of the player. Player can make withdrawals from this wallet only.
PP stands for Playing Points. When user makes deposit then Purchased Points are credited in the PP wallet. Player can use Points available in PP for playing only.
Also Player can Transfer points from RP into the other wallet PP for playing.

What are Bid Categories?

A player can select his lucky number categorised under various categories like CRA, DR and T-20.

What is CRA?
CRA : Common Right Advantage

A players can choose a two-digit number out of hunderd (01,02,03,....,98,99,00)options. Player can win in two ways in this category:

  1. If the both digits of the number you choose match exactly with the drawn number, you win 20X of the bid value
  2. If only the right-most digit of the number you choose matches with the right-most digit of the drawn number then you win 8X of the bid value.

If the CRA number chosen is ‘25’ and the points assigned are 10 points then if:

  1. If the drawn number is ‘25’ itself then a player wins 20 times the points assigned.
    Thus, 10*20=200 points are won.
  2. If the number drawn is any number other than ‘25’ whose “Right side” digit is ‘5’, as in 05,15,35,45,55,65,75,85,95 then the player wins 8 times the points assigned.
    Thus, 10*8=80 points are won.

What is DR?

A digital root is a value obtained by an repetitive process of adding digits until a single-digit number is reached.
For example :

  1. The digital root of 34 is 7, because 3 + 4 = 7.
  2. The digital root of 97 is 7, because 9+7=16 and 1+6 = 7.

If the digital root of the number chosen is DR(7) and the points assigned are 10 points then:

  1. The player will win 8 times the points assigned if the number drawn is any of the numbers whose digital root is 7 i.e., any number out of the numbers.

What is T20?

There are five pre-defined groups containing 20 numbers each as shown below:

  1. First Group – T1 (01-20) contains numbers : 01,02, 03,….,18,19,20;
  2. Second Group – T2 (21-40) contains numbers : 21,22, 23,….,38,39,40;
  3. Third Group – T3 (41-60) contains numbers : 41,42, 43,….,58,59,60;
  4. Fourth Group – T4 (61-80) contains numbers : 61,62, 63,….,78,79,80;
  5. Fifth Group – T5 (81-00) contains numbers : 81,82, 83,….,98,99,00.

If player chooses T2 (21-40) and the points assigned is 10 then player wins 4 times (10*4=40 points) if the number drawn is any of the numbers out of 21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,40.

how to bid modify or delete?

A player can modify or cancel a bid anytime but upto just before 5 minutes of the respective Draw Event. A bid cannot be modified or deleted once the respective Draw Event is over.

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For many we are a family gaming console. However, for others looking for a no-holds-barred, roaring time, the field is wide open too.

Unique Two Wallet

Two wallets for easy track of transactions.


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