Research And Development


"We believe in path breaking innovations. Our work is to raise the standards of online gaming. We wish to create more game changers like MLP (My Lucky Point) . Our constant endeavor is to add new features in our existing games. Customer suggestions are always welcomed by us."

It's an honour to introduce ourselves as the Research and Development Team at Betmacan Limited Malta. We welcome you in our section. We thank our company for bringing us on the forefront and giving us a chance to speak our hearts and minds. Generally R&D team is considered a silent worker and doesn't interact with it's customers and the general visitor on the website. However Betmacan Limited thinks otherwise. We are glad to directly express our accomplishments and future plans. We request your kind feedbacks to help us to create better and better products for you.

R&D (Research & Development) plays a very significant role in the achievement of business goals. It is the R&D function that develops strategy much in advance of the other functions. Companies often expend resources on certain exploratory activities in an effort to make discoveries that can help grow new products or technique of doing things or work towards enhancing pre-existing products or processes. R&D finds new solutions not just for today but also for future generations. It helps develop new processes that could eventually help the coming generations. The new generations will be able to use such services that are not yet readily available to the public. Betmacan envisions the future!

The objective of a highly creative R&D system is to competently translate inputs into the most desired and valuable outputs. The objectives are achieved through smart strategies. A high-quality strategy provides reliability, rationality, and right configuration. The plan of action for an R&D team can be broken down into following strategic levers like architecture, processes, people, and portfolio. Decisions made in each of these categories constitute the R&D strategy.

The R&D team at Betmacan has been working night and day rigorously to add new dimensions to the gaming industry. Following the best practices and latest technical know-how, the team has been successful in devising innovative ways of doing conventional activities.

The team has been diligently working to develop software systems on which gaming industry can rely for fairness. R&D takes pride in presenting systems like which has been certified by none other than Itech Labs, Australia. The meticulous hard work of the R&D team won recognition from the best in the industry. Perseverant hard work is needed when one is in pursuit of success.

A concept was assigned to the R&D team. In other words a challenge was thrown before them which they willingly accepted. Not knowing that the concept, if got translated into reality, would change the world of gaming. The unique RNG system (Random Number Generator) was going to be the leading light for the industry. It was not a task as simple as it appeared prima facie. There were several challenging aspects of the system but the foremost was to find the most genuine random generation algorithm. After weeks of exploring it was found that the standard random functions used even in well-known applications were not truly random or had limitations to be consistent. All fell short of the goal of true randomness. Sometimes they passed the test of randomness with varying success. This factor made them unusable for a truly fair RNG system.

Search for a true random function continued. Finally the R&D team developed a RNG module and tested for millions and millions of data. Results were observed for large samples of data. Chi Square tests, Die-hard tests and the long battery of tests were used to determine the accuracy of RNG function. The chi-squared test is used to determine whether there is a significant difference between the expected frequencies and the observed frequencies in one or more categories. The diehard tests are a battery of statistical tests for measuring the quality of a random number generator. A random number generator (RNG) is a device or system that can generate a sequence of numbers that cannot be reasonably predicted.

The output were analyzed through various algorithms. After achieving convincing results the RNG module was sent over to Itech labs for the certification. The highly proficient team of Itech labs took the test to even higher level of stringent environment. After days of exacting all the aspects and source code examination Itech Labs issued the certificate. The system is available at

The R&D team developed a unique online game. The development of the game can be rightly called as the “a vision translated into application”. The game goes by the name MLP. It is a game as unique as it can be. The workforce in the R&D team had to be divided into various teams to achieve the right synchronization of various modules that the game demanded. Also it required a perfect sync with activities taking place at . The diligent efforts of the skilled team enabled them to put in place a system that could obtain a Class 1 license from the renowned Malta Gaming Authority.

These are not mere software developments but accomplishments. Betmacan Limited heavily relies on its team for the realization of its out-of-the-box visions.


In the ever growing hence changing world of technology it is compulsory to bring advancements to the old and customary concepts. Betmacan believes in staying one step ahead in the direction of innovation. Hence the R&D department is always on its toes to meet the organization’s expectations. Any concept starts taking shape in the lab of R&D department long before when others are able to get even a glimpse of it. Since R&D is instrumental in providing a competitive edge over one’s competitors hence crucial.

R&D team constantly works to obtain new knowledge that it can be used to create new technology, products, services, or systems that will benefit the organization and the gaming fraternity.

R&D team although works in the background but is always anxious to know what the customers have to say about the products it developed. In the pursuit of excellence it is utmost important and valuable to get honest feedback from the esteemed customers. Even R&D team is open to receive suggestions and new ideas from the customers. R&D team follows the method of collecting, analyzing and interpreting queries to answer them and even solve a problem.

R&D team always awaits valuable inputs from the customer care department which handle customer queries, feedbacks and critical comments! Customer satisfaction is one of the things that R&D team is passionate about. If one is willing to share innovative thoughts and ideas then he is always welcome.

Near future would see new innovations coming in front of our dear customers. New games and methods are being constantly worked upon by R&D team and very soon they will see the light of the day. Improvements in the existing products and exploring the unexplored are what R&D team constantly does.

R&D team is working on smarter solutions and Easy to use interfaces of the game. Customer-centric approach is core of all processes that are being developed. R&D team believes that a good game is one which is packed with number of features yet simple to understand and use. User friendly games are the hallmark of Betmacan’s products.