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Gambling & Us

Do we gamble naturally?

We think we have a free-will. But everything in this world is random. It’s just by chance what we get out of a decision. Welcome to the gambles of life! Nature has given us life. Nature indicates to us in many ways that we are bound to live with a certain amount of uncertainty in whatever we do. In other words we like it or not, we know it or not, all of us are actually gambling every moment that we live. Let’s see how.

Life is a gamble of calculated risks – what else? Everything that we do has a percentage of gambles involved. No consequence can be considered to be absolutely certain against an action. In other words, any attempt has a chance of complete failure. We unknowingly gamble daily without realizing it. Right from our birth we are at it. In spite of being born in best of hospitals and most hygienic conditions we can’t be sure that baby will not contract any illness. There is always a chance that walking by side of the road can be fatal. When one starts a journey there is always a chance that he might not reach his destination.

Gamble is everywhere. There are several examples to prove this truth.

As parents we do everything to bring the best out of our child. We make all possible efforts for their success. We dream of making them great individuals. But nobody can say what they will become when they grow up. This is one of biggest natural gamble one plays in his life.

We find similar situation in our careers. There are many examples where an individual diligently studies subjects to get into the profession of his choice. However, he might end up doing an odd job in some other profession due to some ‘unavoidable circumstances’. This is another facet or gamble of life.

Here’s another one.

People get hurt, some die, some lose their arm in a plane crash. There happens to be different outcomes for different people in the same event. Who says it’s not analogous to gambling where different people put different stakes and win rewards accordingly.

We all witness illusion more often than not. For instance, sometimes when we wake up after an afternoon nap we feel that its morning and not evening! Strange but it happens. Nature is playing with us at times. The probability of synchronization between “What we expect” and “what it actually turns out to be”, account for the gambling.

But these facts cannot make us to give up life! The life one lives depends upon what choices one makes. How lucky or unlucky one is feeling on a given day decides his actions! There is an equal chance for a decision to be right or wrong.

As an individual one has responsibilities towards his family, towards the society he interacts with and above all towards the country that he is a citizen of. Before plunging into decisions that bear the potential to devastate, one should carefully and responsibly think about his dependents. This must be taken as word of caution by the compulsive gamblers. Do avoid potential hasten decisions. At the same time beware of the fraudsters out there who are waiting to trick you in the name of gambling. If you are not vigilant then losing your fortunes is a cinch.

What are we afraid of?

As a player we fear losing the game. As a traveller we fear taking the road less traveled. One might believe that the road less traveled has much richer swags. You risk never getting there, but once you do, it’s well worth your trouble!

Another form of gamble, isn’t it? The risk or the loss need not be monetarily always. The little actions we take can enrich us spiritually too.

We won’t always be the best qualified. We won’t always be the best fit for the job. And there will also be times when we are best suited for the position and we still get turned down. We all must have gone through this at some point in our lives. In other words we can say we all have participated in such a gamble.

A shopkeeper gambles daily in terms of sales he does. It might happen that some special items for a particular season might remain unsold. They will be outdated until the season arrives next. The estimated profits did not happen the way he thought. Gambling again!

Is it business or a gamble?

It’s not unusual to find people who are no less than a compulsive gambler though they never visit a gambling den or a gaming website even! Then how come they are gambling. What are they putting at stake?

They are the people who invest big in stock markets, future trading, crypto currency trading etc. They aspire to get big returns against their investments. They might come out successful at times. At other times they might not get what they want. They might run into losses. So they try to chase their losses. In the process they lose more. The tendency of allowing emotions to take over logic leads to irrational decisions.

Gambling for Entertainment, really?

Initial people begin gambling for fun. Sometimes they win. Sometimes they lose. Different people react differently to their winnings and losses. Some people might don’t mind those small losses but stop playing more as they think they had enough fun. Some of the folks would leave after they win on a couple of occasions. For them enjoyment was rewarding but they do not extend it for too long. But there are some people who would not give up unless they recover the losses. They can be seen trying to recover loses by putting in more stakes and that too with large amounts of money.

They get too engrossed in the temptation to win that they ignore the instructions mentioned in the clauses of “Responsible Gambling” section. The real fault lies in such games which do not give its players any chance to think or re-plan and withdraw from the game.

In the absence of such features in gaming, it becomes inevitable for such players to get into heavy gambling and develop an addiction towards gambling activities. So knowingly or unknowingly we gamble to such a degree that can be dangerous. It is important to draw a balance between your potential to take risk and stakes that you put into. For success you always require your intelligence, your logic, perseverance, and a bit of luck.

It is pertinent to mention here that gambling never leaves us alone irrespective of what we do.

REMEMBER: We should never ever forget our responsibilities towards our near and dear ones. This realization is enough for us to become a responsible individual.

Gambling Addiction? We are concerned!

Having seen the case of a compulsive gambler, it is easy to understand addiction. When one runs into significant losses while having fun in gambling but still can’t resist gambling then it is called addiction. An addict loves the “high” that he feels while gambling. He is compelled to keep playing to recover his money — a pattern that becomes increasingly destructive over time.

The features that could support addict to play in limits might be not present in the game that he plays. Such games are designed to trap individual and drag them into continuous sessions of the game. A game should have features like setting limits to “what one can spend” and “when one can play” can protect one from getting too much obsessed with the game.

Games or activities that can lead to addiction must be avoided in the first instance itself.

Such games begin with a smile but do not end as such.

Light entertainment games: Real fun.

Let us take a simple example from a common man’s day out with family and we try to correlate it with gambling. The child desires for balloon or toy. The man buys it for him. But the man cannot say for how long the child will play with toy before it gets lost or damaged. But he does not take this in terms of profit and loss. The reason being that the toy’s cost is too nominal to be considered as a loss. However, it can’t be denied that man did gamble by buying the toy to please the kid. But it is certainly gambling but a healthy one. The feeling of satisfaction that the man got was the real reward.

We don’t think that we gamble. But it is natural instinct that acts on us and we unknowingly step into gambling-like realms. However if the gambling could be as satisfying as buying a toy for the kid then nothing like that. That is called light entertainment gambling.

Another instance is that of games like Tombola, Bingo etc. Such games are played with a mood to win rather with an intention to make money. The motive remains enjoyment whether one wins or loses. We can call it harmless gambling. There is no risk whatsoever as there is no chance that player might invest beyond his capacity. Be it the stake amounts or be it the winning amounts they don’t cause any anxiety to the players. Interestingly such party games are always an attraction but never a compulsion. They are played with a light spirit of enjoyment. The winner enjoys the kick of winning when he outsmarts the other participants.

Such enjoyable games are always welcome. That is why they remain integral part of every rendezvous like family get-togethers or bashes in the social circles.

The smile remains there after the game as it was before the game, irrespective of the result.

MLP: ardently supports responsible gambling!

  • MLP is an innovation!

    Have u witnessed any RMG i.e. game played with real money where you have more than enough time to decide, re-think and even a chance to exit the game? Do you find any game which you want to play again and again without getting addicted to it?

    Well, MLP is the answer. It is a unique game of 100 numbers. You choose your lucky number and one of the draw times. However if you think you need to change the chosen number or the stake amount you can easily do so. If think you don’t need to play at all you can easily withdraw from the game. No questions asked and no charges applicable. Also the unique Two-wallet system in MLP protects the funds by keeping it distributed at two places instead of one.

    Remember the famous adage – Don’t put all the eggs in one basket!

    MLP strongly recommends responsible gambling just like all the renowned gaming companies do. MLP has accomplished proper policy and rules to implement features supporting responsible gambling. Through a number of interactions with the likes of MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) the makers of MLP has implemented all the checks and balances in place to see that its customers can follow the norms of responsible gambling policy. Minors are not allowed.

  • No hasten decisions in MLP: ?

    MLP allows its player to use the “Modify Bid” and “Bid delete” features. Player has enough time to think before the next draw happens. The player can always control his stakes.

  • Life doesn’t give a second chance but MLP always does.

    - Betmacan Limited

  • Betmacan is committed to ensuring that its Clients gamble in a responsible manner, but we also acknowledge that gambling can be addictive to some and affect their lives negatively. In view of this, we offer various measures to promote responsible gambling practices.

  • Such measures include the setting of limits on deposits, wagers and session times as well as the possibility to self-exclude for both a definite and an indefinite period of time. These can be set by you through the Website by entering the Responsible Gaming page and/or by sending an e-mail to customer care.

  • Betmacan provides the ability to allow a customer to self-exclude themselves from their account during an individual session or during periods of 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or half a year. Once this change has been made to an account for a set period, it will not be possible for the account to be re-opened for any reason until after the set period has expired. During the period of opt-out Betmacan shall do all it can to prevent the player from opening new accounts.

  • A player at can determine his or her own deposit, loss and bet limits for a certain period of time or timespan.

  • Before possible limits of a player are raised, limitations are uplifted or the blockade of the Account is made undone, a cooling down period of seven days is necessary before the request can be processed by Requests for lower limits or requests for a renewal of the period of exclusion will enter into force immediately.

  • A player can request a limitation of the money he is willing to maximally lose or bet during a certain period or timespan.

  • A player is able to lock his Account for a defined or undefined period when he no longer wishes to gamble or play or stake.

  • When a player chooses to lock his Account, a player will not be able to open a new Account before his cooling down period has ended. New Accounts will be closed and the balance will be frozen, with the unjustly received welcome bonus being subtracted from the said sum. Once the locked Account is opened again, after the cooling down period, the games will once again be available for the player.

  • If a player closed his or her Account permanently, then the Account cannot be reopened instantly. The player needs to specify why he wants to reopen the Account and provide his consent via a signed and written application. Nevertheless reserves the right not to open the said Account should it feel that such Account should not be opened for any reason whatsoever.

  • The Responsible Gaming page also contains links to external entities and information which can help in case of addictive gambling. If you believe that you might be negatively addicted to gambling, we encourage you to seek help through these areas of our Website and also contact us through email.

  • By entering and playing on our Site, you are acknowledging that in playing games of luck through the use of the Service and/or the Software you are under the risk of losing money. It is the player’s sole responsibility to assume the losses suffered through the Player’s Account.