Betmacan Focus only fraud possible game to Aware Player.

Betmacan target/says only for fair gambling and wants to aware industry against fraud Slot game and other unfair game in gambling industry. Betmacan support for fair gambling game.

Always winning is in game by strategy and luck.( For all game )

Slot Operation is operated by computer software and its quite easy to manipulate the game so there a high risk to player winning unfairness of slot game.

We are not targeting any game/any company or any one but yes we have a aim to target unfair RTP means of fraud, manipulated winning etc

Why to make fool and fun out of innocent people who invest their hard earned money for entertainment but they don't know according manage RTP winning and fixing control can by Operate Team. Player play for win but control which decides program winning and losing. Winning can also decided by computer programming and by command.

We have observed normally during live streaming online gambling channels the channels shows maximum winning side if we calculate the same it will be multiple of many hundreds RTP (100% +?) ? which is not as per the Gambling Industry standards.

Always live streaming is not possible in only high winning and negligible losing.

This is cheat with Player ?

Stop promoting slot as its 100% fair and High winning.

Our clear intension is to aware the Player about the fraud linked to SLOT game we are not bounding/restricting the client to play SLOT. They have full freedom Play to go as per their wish. Betmacan wants to aware player about the computer programming involved in SLOT which can stops the client actual winning.

Betmacan introduced world with unique, innovative, technically fair game i.e. MLP LOTTO GAME. We as a Batmacan Team invite the Gambling World to go through the and ask/prove that the Game which we bringing to this world is technically fair/unfair any one point. we will reply to you on this publically. All player lucky bid is effective on common live draw ( Like lottery). So RTP is not effective from any draw result. Which allows you to play on the 3rd party result with MLP JACKPOT (25x). Example, last two digits of cricket match opener team's runs and also international Lottery and many more. you have any question. So Betmacan team happy to answers you. website content is simply and easy for MLP understand.

Trust after demo trying. MLP LOTTO GAME to easy understand.

Those who are cheat do not talk fair and those who are fair do not support cheat.

Lastly Betmacan research Team is minutely tracking all the games running in Gambling Industry and will raise curtain soon from fraud games which betrayed with customers.

Best of luck with players.